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Watching one of our video's is super easy, simply click on the image above the text to watch! Check out our latest message and catch the vision for a church in Wichita, KS that connects people to God, 1 person @ a time!

Tangerines (8/17/14) SERIES: The Half-Blood Prince

We’ve all been in conflict. We’ve seen how the world handles it, how businesses handle it, & how some Christians handle it. But how...

Firebreathers (8/10/14) SERIES: The Half-Blood Prince

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Or have you ever felt like someone else didn’t belong? Why? Sometimes Christians can play favorites,...

Smoothies (8/3/14) SERIES: The Half-Blood Prince

Words are incendiary. They can light a path or set fire to our relationships. Going through James 3 we try to figure out what...